By Team Homes | Monday, 29 January 2024

Adani Prepares door-to-door Survey for Dharavi Redevelopment Project

A venture led by Indian billionaire Gautam Adani is set to initiate data collection and biometrics for up to 1 million impoverished residents starting in February for the significant move of the redevelopment project of one of the Asia's major slums, Dharavi in Mumbai.

This inclusive survey is a key aspect of shaping the eligibility of residents for a free home in the redeveloped area. With the state of Maharashtra, Adani Group secured the bid for the redevelopment in collaboration. The determined project fosters to renovate the 640-acre Dharavi slum, a core assignment that authorities have struggled with for decades.

To meet the requirements for the free housing, populace must have lived in Dharavi before the year 2000. The preceding survey of the area was conducted 15 years ago. So there are several concerns rising that more or less 700,000 ineligible inhabitants could be relocated.

And commencing the project without taking survey will affect the potential livelihoods and leads to higher rent payments for those affected for long term.

The venture led by Adani plans to carry out a door-to-door survey using questionnaires to collect the details of occupants to revamp Dharavi such as whether they use the premises for residential or commercial purposes, proofs of rights, ownership, biometric statistics and so on.

Speaking on this, S.V.R. Srinivas, the Head of Dharavi Redevelopment Authority administering the project states, "Teams will go to each and every house... biometric data will be collected. The objective is that all eligible people should get houses, and no ineligible people should get undue advantage."