By Team Homes | Saturday, 10 February 2024

World's First Kidney Shaped Hospital To be Launched in Rajkot

India's first kidney shaped hospital is underway in Rajkot, waiting to be inaugurated.The state government has allocated land to the BT Savani Kidney Hospital, marking a pivotal step towards the realization of this innovative medical facility. With construction on the horizon, Rajkot is poised to emerge as a major medical hub in the region.

Amidst different remarkable structures  like Statue of Unity and the Narendra Modi Stadium, in the vicinity, Gurarat is witnessing this  historic and discreet construction of medical institution. This architectural marvel reflects a unique approach to healthcare infrastructure. 

The foundation of this magnificent construction Rajkot is gearing up to welcome state's inaugural AIIMS. And with this the state is riding on the ladder of top notch medical facilities.

The BT Savani Kidney Hospital is both a treatment center and a research facility. Its unique kidney-shaped twin towers, designed by architects from various locations as part of the Smart City initiative, symbolize the hospital's mission to attract medical professionals and scholars from around the world, promoting innovation and collaboration in kidney-related research.

The BT Savani Kidney Hospital is not just a treatment center, but also a research facility that aims to attract medical professionals and scholars from all over the world for collaboration and innovation in kidney-related research. As part of the Smart City initiative, architects from different places will design twin towers that will symbolize the hospital's mission, taking the shape of kidneys.

This hospital will attract patients from all over the country for cutting edge kidney treatments. Collaborating with the Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Center (IKDRC), the hospital will redefine underscores the state's commitment advanced healthcare on a global scale.