By Team Homes | Monday, 12 February 2024

ORERA Being Requested to waive off Registration Fees for BDA Projects

The Housing and Urban Development Department has made a strong appeal to the Odisha Real Estate Regulatory Authority (ORERA) to waive off the registration fees for an affordable housing project in Ghatikia. This project is aimed at providing safe and affordable housing solutions to the underprivileged sections of society. By removing the registration fees, the government can make it easier for people to access these homes, and ensure that they are able to live with dignity. They urge ORERA to consider this request and help them in their mission to provide better living conditions to those who need it the most.

In a written correspondence addressed to the ORERA chairman, the director of housing, Debasish Singh, has communicated that the BDA (Bhubaneswar Development Authority) has submitted an application for exemption of registration fees for a particular project.

This application was accompanied by all the necessary documents required for the approval process. The said project, which is currently under consideration, is expected to receive the exemption in registration fees upon approval from the appropriate authorities.

He added that, a meeting which was conducted last April in that, the principal secretary in the housing and urban development department had waive off registration fees for the project.

Debasish Singh said, ORERA is recommended to allow registration of the affordable housing project at Ghatikia for rehabilitation of slum dwellers and economically weaker sections with negligible fees.

The individual in question has made an appeal to the chairman of ORERA, urging him to consider improving the portals for registering real estate projects. The intent behind this request is to enable the BDA to execute affordable housing projects with greater ease and efficiency. It is hoped that such an improvement would facilitate smoother project management and enhance the overall quality of the housing projects.