By Giulia Baima Bollone, Director, Embassy Interiors

Modern Elegance: Blending Contemporary Design with Classic Elements

Giulia was born in Turin, Italy and at a very early age, she recognized her passion for designing in all aspects. She then progressed to work in many reputable design firms such as Living Design and Studio Rigotti, as a designer while contributing to all aspects of design and execution in projects. In 1994, she furthered her proficiency and skillset by a master's degree in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin. Giulia has positively placed herself where she has reached today through due diligence and never-ending dedication.

The fusion of contemporary aesthetics with timeless classics has given rise to a trend that captures the essence of sophistication – Modern Elegance. This design approach seeks to seamlessly integrate the clean lines and sleek finishes of modern design with the enduring charm of classic elements, resulting in visually striking spaces that are a timeless allure. 

The transformative balance achieved through the fusion of modern and classic elements extends beyond aesthetics; it also influences the functionality of a space


The art of harmonizing these seemingly disparate styles lies in the delicate balance between innovation and tradition. Designers are adept at navigating this balance to transform interiors into spaces that exude a refined, yet welcoming atmosphere. One key aspect of achieving modern elegance is the thoughtful selection and placement of furnishings and decor that draw from both contemporary and classic design vocabularies.

At the heart of modern elegance lies the juxtaposition of sleek, minimalist furnishings against a backdrop of timeless architectural elements. For instance, a contemporary sofa with clean lines and a neutral colour palette may be paired with ornate mouldings or a vintage chandelier. This interplay of elements creates a visual dialogue between the old and the new, resulting in a space that feels curated and intentional.

Colour palettes play a crucial role in achieving modern elegance. While modern design often leans towards neutral tones and monochromatic schemes, classic elements introduce rich, warm hues and intricate patterns. The key is to strike a harmonious balance – perhaps a predominantly neutral room with strategically placed pops of colour through classic accessories or accent furniture. This approach ensures that the space feels contemporary yet retains a sense of timeless grace.

Texture is another essential element in the modern elegance playbook. Fusing materials like glass, metal, and concrete with plush fabrics such as velvet or silk adds depth and interest to a space. This tactile contrast not only appeals to the senses but also contributes to the dynamic coexistence of modern and classic elements. A luxurious, classically upholstered armchair may be placed opposite a sleek, modern coffee table, resulting in a lovely tension that defines the area.

One of the challenges in executing modern elegance lies in avoiding an overreliance on trends. While incorporating contemporary elements, it's crucial to select pieces that transcend fleeting fashions. Timeless classics, be it a well-crafted antique piece or an iconic design that has stood the test of time, provide a foundation that ensures the longevity of the design. The result is a relevant and appealing space that remains even as design trends evolve.

The transformative balance achieved through the fusion of modern and classic elements extends beyond aesthetics; it also influences the functionality of a space. The modern design prioritizes open layouts and multifunctional spaces, while classic elements bring a sense of order and tradition. The thoughtful integration of these aspects allows for visually stunning spaces that also serve the practical needs of the inhabitants.

The concept of modern elegance encapsulates the marriage of contemporary design with classic elements, creating interiors that transcend the limitations of time. By skillfully balancing sleek modern aesthetics with the enduring charm of traditional decor, designers craft visually appealing spaces that possess a lasting allure. The seamless fusion of these two design philosophies results in interiors that stand as testaments to the beauty of harmony and the enduring appeal of Modern Elegance.