Innovative Apartment Amenities of 2024: Luxury in the Palm of your Hand
By Sreejita Talukdar, Content Writer, Homes

Innovative Apartment Amenities of 2024: Luxury in the Palm of your Hand

Today’s contemporary modern society seeks to experience the unique and luxurious life and owing to this, the Luxury residential are offering top-notch facilities and amenities, attracting the potential customers for state-of-art, aesthetic, luxurious and pleasing experiences. Likewise, the demand of this high-end residential are skyrocketing their sales in the market. An increased number of high-net-worth individuals, rapid urbanization, and rising incomes are just some of the factors contributing to that growth.

The report of Anarock Group reveals that, out of the total 3.65 lakh units sold across the top seven cities in 2022, about 18 percent were in the luxury category. Contrastingly, of the total 2.61 lakh units sold in 2019, just seven percent were in the luxury category.With the advent of new and booming technology the business of real estate has witnessed a paradigm shift.

Homes are sold faster than usual, when prevailed Beauty & Quality wrapped in the golden foil of unmatched Amenities.

Earlier people was concerned about the raw materials of their houses but in today’s world people are more thoughtful about how their homes will look from inside, here the confluence of real estate and interior designing has taken the center stage.

Recently big ticket developers are delivering premium residential projects that consistently surpass expectations by introducing new cutting-edge amenities and facilities. Keeping in mind the sustainability factors, famed builders are adhering to sustainable practices in construction processes, making it an eco-friendly choice.


In this article, I will help you to discover the delightful amenities which will make your life carelessly comfy.

Few Amenities Revamping Luxury Living

In recent times, the rising trend of experience economy and the balance between work life and personal life have navigated us to focus on amenities. While the emergence of interior design market was accredited to the real estate sector because it is the outer layer on which interior design will put forward their designing skills. In order to foster a sense of inner peace and harmony, architects are conjoining amazing amenities inside the complex and inside your living spaces. Let’s check out.